Maths 4 ESO

 This space has been created for my students of 4th year of Maths in IES "Guadiana".

Here, you will find documents, videos, tips and links related to our subject.
At the end of each unit you will find a challenge about Maths that you will have to solve and give me as soon as possible before ending the topic. The solution must be written into English.
My first goal is to write everything into English in this blog.

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". Albert Einstein

So, let's start ...

First, try it yourself!

Unit 1: Real Numbers

 Keywords: Real, diagonal, rational, irrational, radicand, golden section, divine proportion, interval single, phi, root, Thale's theorem, prove-proof, endpoint, radical, fraction, non-ending, set-builder, parenthesis, indices, infinity, symbol, scientific notation, rationalize
1st Challenge: Mathematics for playing
2nd Challenge: Ready, steady, go!  Solution

Exam (martes 7 de octubre)

Unit 2: Powers, Surds and Logarithms

 Keywords: Power, radical, index, exponent, radicand, surd, root, logarithm, rationalize
3rd Challenge: Incredible! (deadline: day of the exam)
Exam (miércoles 5 de noviembre, a las 11h45')

Unit 3: Polynomials and Algebraic Fractions

Keywords: coefficient, algebraic, variable, term, independent term, degree, monomial, polynomial, quadratic, cubic, complete, numerical value, similar monomials, remainder, quotient, Ruffini's rule, binomial, trinomial, square, difference, theorem, Pascal's triangle, root, Remainder theorem, Factor theorem, factor, divisor, identities, equivalent, simplification, amplification
  •  Vocabulary: Polynomials and Algebraic Fractions
  • Polynomial Review Worksheet  
  • Solutions to the exercises 15 and 16 (page 59) 
  • How to factorise the polynomial P(x)=x^3-2x^2-5x+6 using a powerful online math calculator
  • Binomial Worksheet with solutions 
  • Factoring Worksheet with solutions
  • Algebraic Identities 
  • All content in Khan Academy
4th Challenge: This challenge was already solved in class!
Exam (viernes 5 de diciembre, a las 11h45')

Unit 4: Equations

 Keywords: equation, solution, unknown, expression, solve, check, verify, by trial and error, exact solution, approximate solution, first-degree or linear equation, second-degree or quadratic equation, term, sides of the equation, simplify, isolate, remove, multiply out, move the terms, brackets, formula, incomplete, constant term, identity, bicuadratic equation, rational equation, radical equation
Exam (viernes 23 de enero, a las 11h45')

Unit 5: Systems of Equations or Simultaneous Equations 

Attention!. In this unit it is compulsory to solve from the exercise 17 until the problem 57
Deadline: best-before date of the exam
 Exam (lunes 16 de febrero a las 13h00')

Unit 6: Inequalities and Systems of Inequalities

Attention!. In this unit it is compulsory to solve from the exercise 23 to 58 except the exercises 34, 35, 36 and 37
Deadline: best-before date of the exam

Unit 9:Analytic Geometry

"With algebra we see the world with one eye, with geometry the other eye. 
We can thank Decartes for letting us see the world in stereo".
Attention!. In this unit it is compulsory to solve the following exercises:
  • From 47 to88
Deadline: best-before date of the exam
  Exam (Viernes 29 de mayo de 2015)

Units 10 and 11:Functions

Attention!. In this unit it is compulsory to solve the following exercises:
  • From 46 to 59 (Unit 10)

Exam1 (Lunes 8 de junio de 2015)
Exam2 (Martes 16 de junio de 2015)

RECUPERACIÓN DE JUNIO: Viernes 19 de junio, 11h30'

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